Add "Hey!" to your existing mobile app
and just use it.

"Hey!" is a piece of software that glues to your app, and in minutes you can start creating marketing campaigns, track the results and deliver the message to the clients when and where the best results are guaranteed.
Our complete Android and iOS SDK and step by step guides will help your technical team integrate "Hey!" with your existing mobile app so that you can take advantage of your current user database.

How it works?


Send a message to the people when they arrive on location.

Bluetooth beacons

Target precisely the traffic in your shopping center and let people know about specific special offers close to them.

Push notifications

You’ve got news?
Let everybody know and track precisely who reads your ads.

Measure success in your marketing campaigns

Get accurate data about delivery and efficiency of your marketing strategy and measure the results in real time.

A marketing campaign might be the best one you’ve ever created and the only way you can know it is by measuring its efficiency. See who receives your message, who reads it, and even who reacts to it. Adapt your campaign on the go and test it on the real environment. Fine tune it till you get the best efficiency.

Hey! Can help you create the best marketing campaigns you’ve ever had and it offers you specific measurements to help track its efficiency.

Case scenarios

Here are some ideas on how can you use "Hey!"

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